Managed Services for Drupal

Services offerings for Drupal website security, reliability and performance.
##Automated Backups Your website is the BEST representation of your business.  Keep it protected with Blue Oak Interactive's Automated Backup Services. Daily backups of your site filesystem and database are archived, encrypted and stored on a remote filesystem. Every snapshot is kept for a minimum of 30 days. Backup frequencies and retention periods are based on your website size and frequency of content changes. ####Safeguard your data from: - Accidental Content Deletion - Database Corruption - Hacking Attempts to Destroy Data A reliable backup lets you focus on business as usual. --- ##Managed Updates Blue Oak Interactive specializes in protecting the security integrity of your website. Don't let Drupal Core and Contributed Module vulnerabilities open your website to hacking attempts. Enlist our Managed Update Services. ####Service Includes: - Unlimited Drupal Core Security Updates - Unlimited Drupal Module Security Updates --- ##Proactive Monitoring Website errors are inevitable, but we can help you mitigate the issues quickly with Proactive Monitoring. We can discover errors and address them as them happen, rather than learning about them from site visitors and customers. ####Service Benefits: - Resolve Issues Quickly - Improve Customer Satisfaction --- Interested in learning more about these service offerings? [Contact Us](/contact) for more information.