One Deployment Workflow

Drupal 6-8 on all hosting providers... Say whah!?
Streamline your development and deployment workflows
Sat, July 15th, 2017
drupal Drupal Camp Asheville Drupal Planet

Tired of having a separate deployment workflow for every project you work on? In this session we'll look at utilizing BOI CI alongside Composer and GitLab to streamline the build and deployment processes for any Drupal project to any hosting provider.

What does this session cover?

  • Establishing a makefile or composer based build process
  • Don't committing vendor directories, libraries, compiled SASS, etc... to your git repository
  • Standardizing local development routines for Drupal 6-8
  • Using composer pre/post commands to extend the build routines
  • Running extra build steps like unit testing before code is pushed to production
  • Automatically pushing your builds to Pantheon,, Acquia, or SSH based hosting providers

Who is this session for?

This is an introductory session for developers and site builders with a basic understanding of git and want a better developer and deployment workflow. This is not a deep dive into CI, PHPUnit testing, or any other DevOps techniques.